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Primarily used for cooking, this apple has a bright red color. Its most popular use is baked whole with a touch of brown sugar and honey.
A slightly tart flavor and crisp texture makes this apple favorite of many. Deep red to violet red in color, it can be cooked and is also a favorite of our cider maker and wine master.
A great all-purpose apple. Golden to light yellow-green in color with a rich, mellow flavor. Great for eating raw, but also retains its shape when baked or cooked.
Grown in our surrounding orchards, these apples are very versatile. Sweet and juicy for eating, also good for apple pies and apple butter.
This green to yellow apple is best eaten raw. It is juicy and has a distinctive flavor that can be slightly tart. A cross between the Golden Delicious and Indo (a Japanese apple), it has similar cooking characteristics to the Golden Delicious. Our most requested apple! When these are gone, customers beg for more. Great eating flavor and crisp.
This apple is widely available year round and has a mild and sweet taste. It can be bright to dark red in color and is very juicy. Best used fresh in salads or to eat raw. Plentiful supply - a traditional favorite eating apple.
A newer apple that is quickly becoming popular. It is a cross between a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan. It is a particularly good eating apple, with a very sweet and juicy taste.
A late season apple with a sharp, tart flavor. Green in color and usually associated with pies and other sweetened desserts.
This apple has an orangish-yellow skin with a rosy blush. Its flesh is firm, crisp and juicy. Excellent for eating raw. .
This bright red apple is an older variety of apple with a moderately tart, distinctive flavor. It is good for both eating and baking.
A red skinned apple with firm and sweet white flesh. It is excellent for both eating raw and cooking.
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